BoonDocker offers the best value. As the World’s undisputed leader in Snowmobile Turbo Technology and Electronic Systems, our years of turbo and electronic R&D experience make sure that even the smallest details do not get overlooked. We have brought that same innovation, reliability, and driveability to the dirt. Building our own electronics and mechanical components gives BoonDocker the advantage of designing, testing, and building a complete turbo system in-house. After years of leading the snowmobile turbo revolution, BoonDocker has brought innovation, reliability, and driveability to Snowmobile Turbo Systems. We have industry leading standard features and technology that even we have started to take for granted. We passionately focus on ease of installation, clean fit, turn-key operation, and unmatched customer service, together in the ultimate turbo performance package. BoonDocker’s unsurpassed turbo technology and products provide more choices, more value and dependability you can rely on.


All things are not created equal. Most of the top Professional Snowmobile Hill Climb Racers demand the very best when 'it's all on the line' and they choose BoonDocker Turbo Systems. Our Turbo Systems are also the choice of the most well-known Back Country Riders in the snowmobile industry. Some of these racers/riders include: Chris Burandt, Brett Rasmussen, Kaycee BallsTapio Brothers RacingKeith Curtis, Dan Adams, Brent LindermanLuke Rainey, Rob Alford, Jared Sessions, Tony Jenkins, Kim Long, Tyson Thomas, Justin ThomasAaron Sterck, Erin Beukelman, Cole Willford, Glenn Hall and many other snowmobile enthusiasts. For 2013-14 Hill Climb Racer results go to Sled2Sled.com


Key Features of the BoonDocker Turbo Systems


Turbo kits come with everything needed including clutching.

Mechanical and electronic components all designed to work together.

Deep snow exhaust.

Vented no-spill oil tank

Electronic Boost Controller with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), TPS Smart for absolute boost control

3D Tuning optimizes precise fueling based on rpms, boost and throttle position


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